Pricing for sustainability means defining business models that will get you paid enough and let you make values-aligned choices -- without feeling gross!

For most folks that I know in business, the point isn’t to extract as much profit as possible from their clients and customers -- the point is to do a thing you love, with/for people who will value it, and be able to afford healthcare, housing, time off, and a life that sustains you.

To get there, you have to work on what you offer and the pricing of it. 

You have to be willing to charge for your work BECAUSE you want to be sustainable. You have to believe it’s ok to earn money and ask to be paid -- and be willing to keep it complex as you consider when and if to offer discounts or sliding scale rates.

But. Pricing is hard. For starters, people say pricing is hard because:

  • “I feel weird with charging people an amount I don’t feel like I could afford, so I set rates for people like me...who are also kinda broke.
  • I’m healing my urge to use sliding scale, since I used it to undercharge for so long.
  • I’m not sure what my colleagues charge ...
  • I’m scared to make too little to take care of myself -- but too much to keep the few benefits I do have, that make it possible for me to survive.
  • I know what my colleagues charge and it weirds me out -- who will pay that, and will I enjoy working with them?”

Any of this sound familiar?

If you're not bringing in the money you mean to, or if you're struggling to figure out what to charge to make enough money, this course is for you!

In this all-online workshop, you’ll work through exercises that guide you to:

  • Envision and name your minimum, medium, and maximal income you hope to get from your work
  • Reality test, creating a snapshot of what revenue is real right now
  • Go through a generative process where you organize the work you do -- and learn your average hourly rate
  • Imagine how you want to impact your business revenue and the world by ideating a few new strategies and pricing levels
  • Revise your business pricing or offerings and make an implementation plan
  • Finally, you’ll return to your envisioned income and check if your new plan moves the needle for you towards where you want your income to go

Plus, you’ll get stories, data about what others charge, ideas to integrate justice-focused approaches, and new ways to think about earning money for a more sustainable life.

There are three key issues with pricing:

1) Uncomfortable with money, and so not charging money clearly

2) Not sure what to charge, and getting it wrong or at random

3) Missing data, so not sure if you're making enough or if your current strategy is working.

You'll start by working backwards from your data and research, towards getting more comfortable with charging AND knowing why your prices are what they are.

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I’m Hadassah Damien, and I work with values-driven businesses.

Over the last four years, I've helped hundreds of clients radically transform their income, business practices, and relationship to money in line with their values of social, racial, and economic justice.

I believe it's possible to make money, do good, and be sustainable, interconnected AND sustained, because I see people do it all the time! Pricing your work well, whether it's products or services, is a HUGE part of that success story.

Learn to price your work better, and start having a better experience in your work!

You can do this, and you’re in good company. For example….

B, who used to charge WAY less than her colleagues, raised the bottom of her sliding scale and now makes an extra $250/week.

S, who raised her hourly rate by $10 and decided who she was going to charge it to.

C, who learned what consultants *really* charge and landed a manageable $5k contract with a company that formerly had lowballed.

M, who struggled to start a financially viable coaching business until she decided to add back in a day job -- which let her come up with a MUCH more workable business plan and pay off a student loan in the meantime.

Learn to charge fairly & be sustained

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